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Feature: Argentine SMEs closer to Chinese consumers through innovative logistics platform******

GENERAL PACHECO, Argentina, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- Through an innovative logistics platform established following the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Argentina have taken one step closer toward Chinese consumers.。

Launched in 2018, the platform, dubbed the Integral Hub of Argentina in Shanghai (Hub Integral de Argentina en Shanghai), has been helping Argentine SMEs better explore the Chinese market by cutting expenses, reducing delivery time and enhancing product value.。

Located in Yangshan Port in Shanghai, one of the busiest container ports in the world, the hub has so far offered comprehensive import, logistics, customs, distribution and marketing services to more than 50 Argentine companies, whose products range from beef, shrimp, hake, sunflower oil, wine, chocolate, candy, yerba mate, to handicraft and artwork.。

Alejandro Spadone, director of Argentine integral logistics operator TP Logistica, one of the two companies spearheading the hub, said in a recent virtual presentation that the hub seeks to "provide solutions to (Argentine) SMEs and entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their products in China."

"We are working on developing this tailor-made, innovative solution for Argentine SMEs, which sometimes find it very difficult to figure out how to start exporting to China," said Spadone, whose company owns a fiscal warehouse of 20,000 square meters in the city of General Pacheco in Argentina's Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, where China-bound goods are stored, certified and transported.。

According to Spadone, the hub has also been offering business assistance to Argentine SMEs, such as searching for potential business partners, promoting Argentine brands in the Chinese market, and providing a 3-month free storage for products that do not require refrigeration.。

As the 4th CIIE will be held in Shanghai on Nov. 5-10, more Argentine businesses are looking to the hub to provide fresh opportunities for them in expanding markets and strengthening competitiveness.。

"Our contribution as a logistics operator and part of this hub is to provide Argentine companies with facilities to solve any issues in the process, taking on the responsibility so they are reassured that they are working with someone who has the know-how about the flow and the (Chinese) market," Federico Panelli, head of Operations of the Fiscal Warehouse of TP Logistica, told Xinhua.。

According to CIIE organizers, some 3,000 companies from 127 countries and regions are expected to participate in the expo this year. A total of 58 countries and three international organizations will join the event remotely.。

Argentina's food manufacturing SMEs are ready to tout the country's traditional products at the 400-square-meter booth, which will mainly showcase food and beverages.。

Manieri & Rossi company from Marcos Paz, a city in Buenos Aires province, is going to present cracker-style tostadas, a typical snack from the countryside of the province, to Chinese consumers.。

"We believe that the Chinese market is a special opportunity for SMEs. It is an important market in terms of volume, so we are very interested in introducing our products," General Manager of the company Gustavo Ibarra said. Enditem。











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China overpowers Malaysia in Uber Cup badminton tournament******China's Liu Xuanxuan (R) /Xia Yuting compete in the women's doubles match against Malaysia's Lee Meng Yean/Muralitharan Thinaah during the group D match between China and Malaysia at Uber Cup badminton tournament in Aarhus, Denmark, Oct. 10, 2021. (Xinhua/Zhang Cheng)  China's Liu Xuanxuan (R) /Xia Yuting compete in the women's doubles match against Malaysia's Lee Meng Yean/Muralitharan Thinaah during the group D match between China and Malaysia at Uber Cup badminton tournament in Aarhus, Denmark, Oct. 10, 2021. (Xinhua/Zhang Cheng)

AARHUS, Denmark, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- China's women's badminton team crushed Malaysia 5-0 in the second round of the Uber Cup group stage here on Sunday.

Tokyo Olympic champion Chen Yufei drew first blood against the 20-year-old Eoon Qixuan, winning 21-13, 21-11.

"This is my first game in the 2021 Uber Cup and it's normal that I had some problems in the first set. But I collected points quickly as she was making more mistakes," said Chen. "I believe things will become much better in the coming matches."

Liu Xuanxuan and Xia Yuting outplayed Lee Meng Yean and Thinaah Muralitharan, 21-12, 21-17 in the following doubles tie.

"We were prepared for all kinds of scenarios. Our opponents are much stronger than the Canadian pair yesterday, so we're not surprised to fight hard in the second set," Xia told Xinhua after the game.

Liu was happy to grab the victory for the Chinese team and vowed to make more contributions for China in their title campaign. "We would collect more points if we could manage the details well."

He Bingjiao overwhelmed Siti Nurshuhaini 21-8, 21-3 in just 23 minutes in the third match-up.

"I cannot decide who would be my opponent and how strong she is. The only thing I can do is to fight 100 percent, no matter whom I face. I'll try every effort to motivate myself," said the world No. 9 singles player.

Huang Dongping and Jia Yifan then smashed Go Pei Kee and Teoh Mei Xing 21-9, 21-12 in the doubles, before 21-year-old Wang Zhiyi defeated 18-year-old Karupathevan Letshanaa 21-15, 21-11 to seal the victory for China.

China will face hosts Denmark on Tuesday in the final round of the group stage. Enditem

2月15日起西安240路调整线路 取消六十二中学、狄寨两个站点******





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