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Barbados ditches British queen, becomes republic******

Barbados is about to cut ties with the British monarchy, but the legacy of a sometimes brutal colonial past and the pandemic's impact on tourism pose major challenges for the Caribbean island as it becomes the world's newest republic.。

Famed for its beaches and love of cricket, Barbados will this week replace its head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, with her current representative, Governor General Sandra Mason.。

Ceremonies from tonight into tomorrow will include military parades and celebrations as Mason is inaugurated as president, with Prince Charles – heir to the British throne – looking on.。

The dawn of a new era has fueled debate among the population of 285,000 over Britain's centuries of influence, including more than 200 years of slavery until 1834, and Barbados finally becoming independent in 1966.。

"As a young girl, when I heard about the queen, I would be really excited," said Sharon Bellamy-Thompson, 50, a fish vendor in the capital Bridgetown who remembers being about eight and seeing the monarch on a visit.。

"As I grow older and older, I started to wonder what this queen really means for me and for my nation. It didn't make any sense," she said. "Having a female Barbadian president will be great."

For young activists such as Firhaana Bulbulia, founder of the Barbados Muslim Association, British colonialism and slavery lie behind the island's modern inequalities. "The wealth gap, the ability to own land, and even access to loans from banks all have a lot to do with structures built out of being ruled by Britain," Bulbulia, 26, said. "The actual chains (of slavery) were broken and we no longer wore them, but the mental chains continue to persist in our mindsets."

In October, Barbados elected Mason as its first president, a year after Prime Minister Mia Mottley declared the country would "fully" leave its colonial past.。

But some Barbadians argue there are more pressing national issues, including economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exposed overreliance on tourism – which, ironically, is dependent on British visitors.。

Eerie calm in usually bustling Bridgetown, paltry numbers at popular tourist spots and a dead nightlife scene all point to a country struggling after years of relative prosperity. Unemployment is nearly 16 percent, up from 9 percent in recent years, despite sharply increased government borrowing to and create jobs. The long-standing curfew has also been eased.。

Opposition leader Bishop Joseph Atherley said the celebrations among dignitaries would largely not be accessible to ordinary people. "I just don't think we are doing ourselves a credit and a just service by having this when people are being admonished to sit in the comfort of your home and watch on a screen," he said.。



















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Spanish tennis legend Manolo Santana dies aged 83******

MADRID, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- Spanish tennis legend Manolo Santana died on Saturday in his residence in Marbella (Southern Spain) at the age of 83.。

The Mutua Madrid Open, which has Santana as the honorary President, confirmed the news of the death of one of the most important Spanish sportsmen of the 20th century.。

Santana was a pioneer in Spanish tennis, winning the French Open (Roland Garros) in 1961 and 1964, the U.S. Open in 1965 and Wimbledon in 1966, as well as the Doubles at the French Open in 1963.。

He also won the men's singles in the 1968 Olympic Games, but didn't get a medal as tennis was a demonstration event at the time.。

Santana continued his interest in tennis after the end of his playing career, captaining the Spanish David Cup team on two occasions, before helping to organize the Mutual Madrid Open, which was held for the first time in 2002.。

He had been involved with the organization of the event ever since, although he had been suffering from ill health in recent years. Enditem。

HKFA appoints Andersen as head coach******

HONG KONG, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) appointed Jorn Andersen as the head coach of Hong Kong, China soccer team on Saturday.。

Born in Norway, Andersen had a career playing for different football clubs in top leagues of Norway, Germany and Switzerland. He was the first foreign player to become the top goalscorer in the Bundesliga.。

Having retired from playing in 2001, Andersen embarked on his coaching career where his experiences straddled across club and national levels, including spells at DPR Korea national team and Incheon United FC of the K-League 1.。

"We extend a warm welcome to Jorn. With his football background in Europe and practical experience in Asia, we are confident that he would be able to inject new elements, help our players fully achieve their potentials, as well as improve our quality and performance," HKFA Chief Executive Officer Joaquin Tam said.。

"His experience in scouting and grooming young players also align with our vision to train up young talents for the future development of Hong Kong football," Tam added.。

Andersen shared his excitement at the appointment: "I'm honored for the opportunity, I hope to use my experience and tactical philosophy in building a strong and competitive team for upcoming international matches."

Under former coach Mixu Paatelainen, Hong Kong, China failed to advance into the third round of 2022 FIFA World Cup Asian qualifiers, after a fourth-place finish of Group C in the second round. Enditem。


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