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Messi fit for Argentina World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay, Brazil******

BUENOS AIRES, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Lionel Messi will be available for Argentina's 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay and Brazil after recovering from hamstring and knee problems, Albiceleste manager Lionel Scaloni said on Thursday.。

The Paris Saint-Germain forward trained freely with the Argentina squad on Wednesday and Thursday, showing no sign of the injuries that kept him out of the French side's last two matches.。

The Albiceleste will meet Uruguay in Montevideo on Friday and Brazil in the central-western Argentine city of San Juan next Tuesday.。

"Messi is fine. He intensified his training a little more yesterday [Wednesday] and, in principle, he's available," Scaloni told reporters.。

"Leo wants to play and I want him to play. He played all the way through [this year's] Copa America and for me, he is a source of pride. I'd love everyone to have the same desire to play that he does, even when they are not fully fit."

Argentina are currently second in the 10-team South American qualifying group with seven wins and four draws from 11 matches, six points behind Brazil. Enditem。

春秋航空西安分公司揭牌 今年将新增西安******

本报讯 (记者 冯晓瑞)2月22日,春秋航空西安分公司正式揭牌。未来,春秋航空将以西安为基地,加大飞机投放,构建经西安的国内国际航线空中大通道,助力西安咸阳国际机场打造“中国最佳中转机场”。






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Feature: We can see the world more clearly than ever with 8K UHD video******

BEIJING, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- The intricacies of nature are brought right into your home when they are recorded on 8K ultra-high-definition (UHD) video.。

As video data surges in the internet era, people are constantly seeking higher resolutions and new challenges for coding performance and compression efficiency are emerging.。

Developed by the research team that recently won the State Technology Invention Award, the 8K UHD video decoding technology compresses video data and restores it through terminal equipment, making videos clearer.。

Gao Wen, a professor at Peking University and leader of the research team, has compared video decoding to buying a tank of fish. The traditional decoding method is like bringing the whole tank home. The new technology, instead, packs the water and fish separately and discards unnecessary water before transport.。

To bring the new technology from innovation to industry, the team has overcome hurdles including studying and evaluating technical routes and establishing technical standards, Gao said.。

The team has established a complete industrial chain for UHD video, from technical standards to chip terminals and system applications.。

Over the past three years, the technology has brought a sales growth of approximately 7.1 billion yuan (about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars) to leading Chinese TV manufacturers including Skyworth and Hisense.。

The new technology is also promising to boost industries such as intelligent transportation and intelligent medicine.。

Since the program was launched nearly 20 years ago, the research team has obtained 118 patents and published two monographs and 105 academic papers.。

The team will also upgrade the technology for VR and other terminal devices in the future to maintain its core competitiveness in its field. Enditem。

Commemorative plaque inaugurated in Paris Center to honor first Chinese migrants******

A commemorative plaque was inaugurated on Saturday in Paris Center by Paris City Hall to honor the first Chinese migrants who came to Paris after WWI.

According to Ariel Weil, the mayor of Paris Center, the plaque is to remind people of the contributions of the Chinese community in France during the WWI, and also to show the efforts of the Chinese migrants in promoting the culture and economy of Paris.

"A plaque was missing, something was missing that explains this story," Weil told Xinhua at the inauguration ceremony.

"It won't be the only one and it's the beginning of the inscription of the history of the Chinese community in France and Paris, in our heritage and on our walls," he said.

Asking about the choice of Paris Center to host the plaque, Sun Wenxiong, chairman of the French Asian League, said that Paris Center is one of the areas with a strong cultural atmosphere in Paris, and the Chinese culture can be unique in a place where biculturalism converges.

"Many Chinese have left their hardships here and made contributions to the development of this place. We believe that the establishment of the commemorative plaque will enable the local people to understand the contributions of the Chinese to Europe and France, and is conducive to the integration and development of the Chinese culture," he added.

From May 1916 to early 1918, there were around 140,000 Chinese laborers serving for the Allies during WWI. Most of them were recruited by Britain and France.

The Chinese workers, known as Chinese Labor Corps, were assigned to arduous work such as digging trenches, building docks, laying tracks, unloading ships, repairing tanks and clearing battlefields. Their logistic support was critical to the Allied armies in the west front.

Out of the 140,000 Chinese laborers, nearly 20,000 were dead or missing during the war.

After the war, some of them stayed and lived in the center of Paris and participated in the post-war reconstruction of France, making important contributions to the economic development and cultural diversity of the neighborhood.





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